H.E. Ahmed Kaid Barakat


1969 - 1970

Foreign Minister of Yemen

  • Reinstating the Yemeni-German Relations after the 1967 war.
1972 - 1977

Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany and non- resident Ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Sweden.

  • Fortifying the Yemeni-German Relations.
  • Inaugurating the German development aid and also aid from Sweden, Holland and other EU countries.
  • Design and implementation of six cooperation agreements with the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Inauguration of the cultural cooperation between Germany and Yemen including the friendship/cooperation of German universities with Yemen.
  • Inauguration of Archaeological aid and assistance in Yemen by the German authorities.
  • Academic assistance and the beginning of academic aid to Yemen German Minister of Economic Cooperation Egon Bahr Yemen 1975.
  • Establishing the cooperation in the oil and mining field and funding of development projects in this field such as seismic and geological studies funded by Germany.
  • Implementing the Trade and Investment agreements between Germany and Yemen.
  • Facilitating Yemeni-German trade.
  • Introducing Yemen to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and inaugurating development aid especially in the agricultural and water sector in Yemen.
  • Introducing Yemen to the Kingdom of Sweden and inaugurating development aid to Yemen.
  • Introducing Yemen to all NGO’s and political organizations in Germany such as Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Friedrich Naumann, and Karl Duisberg Stiftung.
  • Cooperation with the interior Ministry in Hessen for the development and cooperation with the Traffic police in Yemen and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
1978 - 1981

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources and Chairman of the Yemen Petroleum Company

  • The implementation of the cooperation and funding agreement for the oil and mining sector with the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Sending of government employees for further study/training to Germany and the EU.
1992 - 1995

Chairman of Yemen Airways Cooperation (Yemenia)

  • Modernization of the Yemenia fleet by acquiring new airbus aircrafts.
  • Sending of many Yemenia cadres for training in Germany.
  • Pursuing the management of Lufthansa to aid in running the local catering building which was the largest in the Middle East at that time and also the training of ground and maintenance engineers by Lufthansa.
1992 - 1997

Chairman of the Yemeni-German friendship Association

  • Enhancing Yemeni-German Ties and Economical and Cultural Cooperation.