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Barakat, Ahmed Kaid; BSc. (Hon.); Civil Engineer (Oil & Mining), Executive & Politician & Author of 20 Published Books; born January 1, 1934, Sana’a Republic of Yemen.

Married: Khadija Rufat, two sons and one daughter.
Educ.: University of Birmingham (UK), and Imperial college, London (UK).

1959 – 63: Served in several American and European firms.
1963-1964: Director of Public Works.

1964-1969: Director of Kuwait Development Office in Sanaa, Executive Supervisor in Kuwait Development Office in Dubai.

1969 – 70: Minister of Foreign Affairs .
1971: Minister of information & Culture .

1972-1977: Ambassador to West – Germany and non-resident Ambassador in Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Sweden.

1972–77: Head Representative to the European Community .

1978-1981: Minister of Petroleum & Minerals,
Chairman, Yemen Oil & Mineral Resources Corp.

1978-82: Member of People’s Constituent Assembly
1981 – 83: Ambassador to Japan

1983–86: Minister of Economy & Industry
Member, People’s Constituent Assembly

1986-89: Chairman; Board of Directors, International Bank of Yemen
1990 – 92: Vice–Minister of Oil
1992 – 95: Chairman of Yemen Airways Corporation
1992-1997: Chairman of the Yemeni-German Friendship Association

1992-Present: Member of the Yemeni Engineers Society
1980-Present: Founding Member of the Yemeni Society for the Preservation of Water
1988-Present: Founding Member of the Al-Afif Cultural Foundation
Address: Post Box 16916, Sana’a, Republic of Yemen.

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