H.E. Ahmed Kaid Barakat

Books List

The Phases of the Moon

Novel in Three Parts about the story of the famous 40 students: The first students from Yemen to be sent abroad for study in 1948. The fourth part is about the protagonist who becomes the secretary of the heir to the Imam at that time and his travels in Europe.

The Memoirs of
Ahmed Kaid Barakat

In three parts, Engineer Ahmed Kaid Barakat reveals even his most private history in three parts. Part one (Adolescence in Times of Childhood). Part Two (The Feeling of Hope and the Agony of Diaspora), Part Three (The Path of Development and Modernization-Ministries and Embassies). Part Four is to be printed soon.

The Bottlenecks of

Very elaborately and giving some case studies Eng. Ahmed Barakat reveals the bottlenecks of Development and development policies.

The Night As’aad AlKamil

A novel about the historical King As’aad Alkamil who united Yemen and who also was monolithic. It contains many words of wisdom.

Oil in Yemen

A summary of Oil and oil exploration in Yemen and many useful definitions including the different geological formation in Yemen.

Minerals in Yemen

A summary of the Mineral and Mining history of Yemen and the different areas of Prospective mining.

The Donkey of Al-Rawdh

Short stories with a deep back ground.

The Sorcerer

A novel about using superstitious believes and abuse of religion by fanatics.

The Arabs and
the Acts of Defamation

The author closely describes the history of defamation in the Arab world and the published Arab books.

The Escape from
the Narrow Path of AlGhoul

A novel about the life in old San’aa and the different traits of society at that time (Forties).

Underdevelopment Why?
Development Why Not?

In this book, the author describes the different aspects of development and development policies and also reveals some case studies.

The Scopes of Democracy and
the Yemeni Path Towards

The author reveals the history of democracy and lays a close look on the development of democracy in Yemen.

The Encyclopedia of Yemen

Yemen’s first scientific encyclopedia published by Alafif Cultural Foundation. Eng. Ahmed Barakat has contributed many subjects to this encyclopedia.

Tomorrow we shall Return

Poems by Eng. Ahmed Barakat covering different subjects.