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1972 – 1977

1972 – 1977

Photo Library

1972 – 1977

Presenting Credentials German President Gustav Heinemann 1972 BonnMinisterial Secretary for Foreign Affairs Wischnewski 1975Ministerial Secretary Dr. Walter Gehlhoff 1975Presenting Credentials to the Austrian PresidentFranz Josef Strauss Chancellor of Bavaria 1977

Yemeni-German Relations

Prince Hassan Krupp Essen Germany 1953Visiting the Krupp Factories in Essen Germany 1953 with Prince AlHassan Son of Imam YahyaKrupp Essen Germany 1953Chancellor Willy Brandt Germany1969Chancellor Willy Brandt Germany 1969Krupp Essen Germany 1953 with Prince HassanFederal Minister of Economic Cooperation Eppler Germany 1969 Signing an Agreement for Economic CooperatioChancellor Willy Brandt Germany1969Chancellor Willy Brandt Germany1969Federal …

Yemeni-German Relations

1992 – 1999

Alafif Cultural Foundation 1996Alafif Cultural Foundation 1997Signing the Airbus AgreementDr. Helga von Strachwitz, German Ambassador to Yemen

1982 – 1991

Sworn in as Minister of Economy and Industry 1984Prime Minister Abdelaziz Abdelghani 1985Minister of Economy 1985International Bank of Yemen 1987Houston Oil conference 1991Vice Minister of Oil 1991

1969 – 1971

With the Amir of Kuweit, the Foreign Minister in 1969With President Sadat of Egypt 1969With President Gamal Abdelnasser of Egypt 1969Making-of-Alrahabah-AirportAlrahabah-AirportAhmed Noman Beirut 1969Addis Airport 1969Arab League1969Aliriani Ethopia1969HaileSellassy1969Beirut1969Saad Al-jaber1969President AlIriani Addis Abiba 1969General Assembly United Nations NewYork 1969ArabLeague1969General Assembly United Nations NewYork 1969United Nations NewYork 1969United Nations 1969Alshuracouncil 1971 Sheikh Alahmar Ahmed Numan

1960 – 1968

Training in Texas1961President Alamri and Kuwaiti Envoy in TaizPresident Alamri and Kuwaiti Envoy in TaizWith President Al-Salal 1963Inauguration ofas choolin Taiz Kuwait devoffice 1964Kuwait Development office Sanaa 1964The Great Escape 1966 KhawlanThe Great Escape 1966 NehmThe Great Escape 1966

1954 – 1959

Oxford 1954Birmingham 1957Birmingham 1957With Mohamed Al-Zubeiri in Cairo Egypt 1953Father and Brother of Ahmed Barakat 1959Birmingham 1958

1948 – 1953

The Famous Forty Students of 1948Secondary School Certificate 1949Boy Scout 1949Boyscouts Helwan 19501953Boyscouts Helwan 1950Prince Abdullah Son of Imam Yahya in Helwan Egypt 1953

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