Barash Barakat

Barash Ahmed Barakat

Engineer Ahmed Kaid Barakat is a well known politician in the Republic of Yemen. He has contributed to the development of the Republic of Yemen in many sectors. Beginning in the development sector as the head of the Kuwait development bureau in Yemen, he has supervised the construction of schools and hospitals in all Yemeni governorates. In addition he played a major role in establishing the development aid from many countries such as Germany and the Netherlands and other EU countries.

He has also contributed to the state legislation including the constitution (as a member of the constitutional committee). As the Minister of Economy and Industry he played a major role in establishing an industrial base in Yemen and during his post as Minister he has approved the largest number of factories in the history of Yemen. He was also the first politician to draft up an investment law and encourage investments in all kinds of sectors in Yemen. As a member of the parliament he vigorously defended women’s rights and also contributed to the implementation of legal frameworks for women’s rights and quotas in the government sector.

In another field he has published more than 17 books in all kinds of subjects: Novels, Development, Democracy and Poetry. Some of his books are being taught in Arab universities and have gained considerable popularity amongst students of Economy and Development and Social Sciences.

His dedication to his country was always imminent, and when he was Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, he used to shout at us:”You are wasting the people’s money, switch the lights off!”, when we used to let the lights on in our house. I do not think that an Ambassador nowadays would tell his children the same.

In addition to his achievements which this website will try to convey to the public, he played the major role in reinstating the Yemeni-German relations after the 1967 war. He vigorously defended and developed these relations until present. Unfortunately it is not widely known that he played this major role. In this website you will find the document for the reinstating of the Yemeni-German relations which he signed at that time as Foreign Minister, besides other information concerning this important relationship.

You will find also on each page excerpts from the novel:”The Night As’aad AlKamil Appeared”, which contains many words of wisdom which the reader may find useful. In addition some excerpts from all the books he has published can be read in Arabic and also the reader may order any books through this website.

I hope that this website may prove to be interesting for the reader.

Barash Ahmed Kaid Barakat

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