Lifetime Achievements -2

Worked as a Petroleum Engineer in Mecom oil Company in Yemen1959-1961
Worked as a Petroleum Engineer in Mecom oil Company in Yemen
- Supervision of drilling activities
- Exploration of oil in the Tihamah area near Salif-Hodaidah
- Supervision of Geological surveys including Seismic
- Design and draft of geological maps
- Analysis of the geological data


Worked with the Swedish Mining Company Boliden
- Mining Surveys in Yemen
- Drafting up of Geological reports about many areas in Yemen
- Reporting to the Imam of Yemen about the mining potential of Yemen

Inauguration ofas choolin Taiz Kuwait devoffice 1964 KuwaitDevelopmentofficeSanaa19641964-1966
Director of the Kuwait Development Bureu in Sanaa, Yemen
- Design and construction of schools and hospitals in Yemen
- Construction of more than 235 schools and hospitals and other buildings in all of Yemen



- Supervisor in the Kuwait Bureu in Dubai
- The supervision of many buildings including the first local TV-Station




Foreign Minister of Yemen
- Reinstating the Yemeni-German Relations after the 1967 war
- Reinstating the relations with all Western countries
- Seeking development aid from all Western countries
- Enhancing all foreign relations with the neighboring countries

Chancellor Willy Brandt Germany 1969

- Organizing food aid from the EU




The Personal Representative of the President of Yemen

- Establishing a complete system for the presidential office including the public relations dept., the administration and the protocol.
- Organizing the visits of the President

Alshuracouncil 1971 Sheikh Alahmar Ahmed Numan 1970-1971
Head of the Elections Committee for the Alshura council
- Establishing the first Election system for Yemen
- Designing the first Election maps and committees in Yemen
- Drafting up of the first Election law in Yemen

Member of the Constitutional Committee

- Drafting up of the constitutional laws of Yemen
- In cooperation with the members of the committee  (such as the famous lawyer Mr. Hassan Sohby) the constitutional laws were drafted and implemented

Minister of Information and Culture
- Design of the Information system for the government
- Organizing the internal system of the Ministry of Information and Culture
- Organizing the radio stations and implementing a new structure for these station

1972-1977German President Walter Scheel and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt1976
Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany and non- resident Ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Sweden.
- Fortifying the Yemeni-German Relations
- Inaugurating the German development aid and also aid from Sweden, Holland and other EU countries.
- Design and implementation of six cooperation agreements with the Federal Republic of Germany.
- Inauguration of the cultural cooperation between Germany and Yemen including the friendship/cooperation of German universities with Yemen
- Inauguration of Archaeological aid and assistance in Yemen by the German authorities
- Academic assistance and the beginning of academic aid to YemenGerman Minister of Economic Cooperation Egon Bahr Yemen 1975
- Establishing the cooperation in the oil and mining field and funding of development projects in this field such as seismic and geological studies funded by Germany
- Implementing the Trade and Investment agreements between Germany and Yemen
- Facilitating Yemeni-German trade
- Introducing Yemen to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and inaugurating development aid especially in the agricultural and water sector in Yemen
- Introducing Yemen to the Kingdom of Sweden and inaugurating development aid to Yemen.
- Introducing Yemen to all  NGO’s and political organizations in Germany such as Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Friedrich Naumann, and Karl Duisberg Stiftung.
- Cooperation with the interior Ministry in Hessen for the development and cooperation with the Traffic police in Yemen and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources and Chairman of the Yemen Petroleum Company
- Designing a complete administrative system for the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources
- Establishing numerous investment projects in the oil and mining field
- The agreement with  Mobil oil company to establish the largest oil/lubricants factory in the Middle East (project stopped to protect local interests of prominent businessmen backed by influential persons against the will of the Minister).
- Establishing the strategic oil reserve in Yemen
- The funding of the first housing project of its kind in Yemen together with the Housing and development bank (ALMadinah AlSakaniyah Hadda Sanaa). For the first time in Yemeni History the Government employees now had a chance to buy houses in installments.
- The implementation of the cooperation and funding agreement for the oil and mining sector with the Federal Republic of Germany.
- The first feasibility studies in the oil and mining sector were designed and many oil and mining investment projects were pursued.
- Laying the basis for oil and minerals explorations in Yemen
- Sending of government employees for further study/training to Germany and the EU
- Cooperating with Rumania and Checkoslovakia in the oil and mining field and in training Yemeni Government employees.

Member of the Parliament
- Defending women’s rights
- Drafting up laws for women’s rights and  debating quotas for women in the government sector
- Drafting up laws for the safety and security in the work place
- Drafting up laws for the exploration for oil and minerals
- Drafting up laws for the modernization of the Yemeni society

Ambassador of Yemen in Japan
- Inauguration of the first Yemeni Embassy in Japan
- Fortifying of  the Yemeni-Japanese Relationship
- The inauguration of Japanese development aid
- Organization of the first delegation of the Japanese Ministry of Economy (MITI) to Yemen for assessing the implementation of development aid to Yemen. After this visit the development aid was inaugurated by Japan to Yemen
- Inauguration of Technical and food aid to Yemen
- Facilitating Yemeni-Japanese trade relations
- Design and implementation of feasibility studies for the investment in Yemen including Seminars, meetings, and summits.
- Inauguration of the Cultural and academic aid to Yemen
- Inauguration of the first Japanese-Yemeni friendship association
- The design and implementation of a monthly cultural journal to introduce the culture of Yemen to the people of Japan.
- The organization of aid to Yemen after the earthquake of Dhamar and the campaign of awareness of the Japanese people in the radio and tv stations and newspapers.
- Pursuing the introduction of Yemen to the influential politicians in the Japanese Ministry of  Economy (MITI) and other authorities and the organizations of meetings between the Yemeni  and Japanese politicians.
- Conclusion of many cooperation agreements in the technical and administrative sector of the Yemeni government.

Minister of Economy 19851983-1985
Minister of Economy and Industry
- Implementing a new organization of the Ministry of Economy
- Establishing the first Yemeni Investment summit after the Ministry drafted up feasibility studies for many industrial projects in Yemen
- The Era of Industrial establishment in Yemen (According to many established industrialists in Yemen)
- Design and implementation of the first studies for the establishment of 5 new Cement factories in YemSworninas Economy Minister 1984en.
- The implementation of the Albarh cement plant in Taiz (Construction was delayed because of interests of local influential politicians until ten years after)
- Design and implementation of a new department for registration and investment in the Ministry



International Bank of Yemen 19871987-1990
Chairman of the International Bank of Yemen (Private)
- Establishing cooperation agreements with most international banks
- Enhancing the management procedures in the bank


Vice Minister of Oil 1991 Houston Oil conference 19911990-1992
Deputy Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources
- Encouraging international oil and mining companies invest in Yemen
- Preventing the flushing of funds by the secessionists
- Amending oil exploration and mining agreements to represent the interests of Yemen
- Establishing the first Yemeni oil and gas conference

Chairman of Yemen Airways Cooperation (Yemenia)
- Changing the internal system of the Yemenia to be in line with modern management procedures.
- Inauguration of the four year system for dispatched area managers in all of the international network of Yemenia
- He was against the merger of Al-Yemda (The airline of Southern Yemen at that time). Alyemda had more than two thousand employees and only owned two aircrafts. The other aircrafts were withdrawn by AIRBUS since Alyemda was bankrupt and could not fulfill contractual obligations. Also Alyemda had many outstanding payments in Europe and there were already lawsuits in many European capitals against Alyemda at that time.However the prime minister at that time insisted on the merger.
- Modernization of the Yemenia fleet by acquiring new airbus aircrafts
- Introducing a new system of ticket sales where the performance based evaluation is implemented
- Sending of many Yemenia cadres for training  in Germany
- Pursuing the management of  Lufthansa to aid in running the local catering building which was the largest in the Middle East at that time and also the training of ground and maintenance engineers by Lufthansa.
- Implementation of a rigorous monitoring system for finance and administration.
- Returning all usurped land of Yemenia by influential people in Yemen
- Establishing the cooperation with Saudi-German Hospital to build a hospital in Yemen in cooperation with Yemenia

German Ambassador for Yemen Dr. Helga von Strachwitz 1998 1992-1997
Chairman of the Yemeni-German friendship Association
- Enhancing Yemeni-German Ties and Economical and Cultural Cooperation



Chairman of the Yemeni Society for the Preservation of Water
-Increasing awareness for water scarcity in Yemen
-Pursuing development aid from Holland and Germany for water projects

Founding Member of the Alafif Cultural Organization
- Participation in the design and implementation of the first Yemeni Encyclopedia.
- Publishing many books about oil, minerals and other subjects.
- Conducting of many seminars in the socio-economic field of Yemen.

Alafif Cultural Foundation 1997

Alafif Cultural foundation should

Alafif Cultural Foundation 1997





Honorary Member of the Yemeni Society for Civil Engineers
- Honored as first Engineer in Yemen